Songs of the Month Archives

Songs of the Month are offered for you to sample and decide if they work for your congregation or group. Feel free to listen or download the sheet music. If you decide to use it, please purchase a license (click here for more information).

Congregational Singing:

The Potter’s Wheel – Drawing on the metaphor of the divine as potter: dreaming, molding, guiding, holding, loving letting go.

Great with guitar or piano accompaniment.

Appropriate for congregational singing or with small groups.

Safe Passage– powerful closing song for Black History service. From the heart. Easy-to-learn. Hands-free. For Sunday services, memorials, interfaith, classes. You’ll think you’ve always known it. Your congregation will feel good about how they sound.

Speak and Listen– Offered for International Women’s Day, a conversation between women and men, naming the wound of sexism and the dream of moving beyond it. (A choral arrangement is available by mail.)

We Have the Love– in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr., affirming our ability and responsibility to put Life’s dream of equality to work in the world. Short, easy to learn, up-beat. Great as an opening or closing song.

The Work of Christmas– A contemporary Christmas carol, up-beat setting of the words by Rev. Dr. Howard Thurman, calling us to keep Christmas by honoring the teachings of Jesus to work for social justice and compassion. It starts and ends with a chorus. Appropriate for all ages.

  • Sheet music, lead-line melody: Download
  • Sheet music, melody and piano: Download

Singing with Kids:

The Dark– Opens to the darkness for growth and healing. It’s helpful for children overcoming fear of the dark and anyone recovering from difficulty and integrating what’s been learned, who we’re becoming. Appropriate for intergenerational singing, children’s chapel or classes. Interfaith friendly. Pitched in Em for adults, Gm for children’s voices.

I’m Gonna Learn– An up-beat, 2-part round, naming what needs to be learned: a great way to start a new year or respond to challenges. Can be used as the central part of a children’s worship service or Sunday school class, asking the children to name what they need to learn.

  • Sheet music, lead line melody: Download
  • Sheet music, melody and piano: Download

Open Up, My Heart!– For children of all ages, “No need to feel afraid. There is love in the world for you.” Your children’s choir or intergenerational choir will sound great. (And we adults open our hearts when kids sing to us.)

Out of the Darkness– Offered for Spring Equinox (also works well for Easter). Celebrates the unfurling of life, awareness and dreams. For all ages. Arranged for intergenerational choir or or congregational singing; works well for small ensemble or solo.

  • Sheet music, F, lead-line melody: Download
  • Sheet music, D, lead-line melody: Download
  • Sheet music, D, SATB: Download
  • Sheet music, F, melody and piano: Download
  • Sheet music, D, melody and piano: Download

Spiritual Exploration:

Begin with Love– A meditative song, especially for meditation or any spiritual practice. Also works well as a congregational hymn or easy choral piece.

Come Carry Me Night– A four-part round reaching out to the night for comfort and connection. Accessible and appropriate for all ages. Works well for evening meetings or classes. Works well a capella or with accompaniment. Em for adults, Gm for children.

  • Sheet music: lead-line melody, Em: Download
  • Sheet music: lead-line melody, Gm: Download
  • Sheet music: melody and piano, Em: Download
  • Sheet music: melody and piano, Gm: Download

I Am a Flute– Offered for Spring Equinox, this meditative chant sings the spaciousness within the heart and the power to open. For small group or congregational singing, set a capella, or with guitar, flute or piano accompaniment.

Love Opens– Accessible, up-beat, fun. Embodied spirituality: “Love opens up our bodies and love opens up our spirits and love opens our hearts. We’re seeds of love. We’ll celebrate the love that births the seed, we’ll comfort one another when we grieve, we’ll greet each together with the need to share this love.”