Congregational Services

  • Mary Grigolia Congregational Services
  • Mary Grigolia Congregational Services

Congregational Services include Consulting, Workshops and Retreats for:

  • Boards
  • Staff
  • Search Committees
  • Lay Pastoral Associates
  • Worship Associates
  • Adult Spiritual Development
  • Covenants of Right Relations
  • Managing conflict
  • Change
  • Exploring Mission and Vision
  • Becoming a Singing Congregation
  • Consulting and coaching for ministers, staff members and lay leaders

A catalyst for Transformation for Progressive Congregations

With 20 years in ministry and 30 years as a group facilitator, I serve as a catalyst for transformation for progressive congregations. Among many tools, my most skillful is the ability to respond to the need or insight emerging through the process which cannot be scripted, yet for whom we gather.

Contact Me for More Information

Mary Grigolia

T. 216-539-3784