Child Dedications

  • Mary Grigolia Child Dedications
  • Mary Grigolia Child Dedications

Child Dedications

I work with families who may be spiritual but not religious, interfaith or secular, unaffiliated with a congregation or faith tradition to create custom child dedication ceremonies.

What is a Child Dedication?

Sometimes called a Child Blessing or Christening, a Child Dedication is a ceremony where parents or guardians acknowledge the spiritual dimension and responsibilities of parenting, dedicating their children’s lives to the wider movement of Love and dedicating themselves to guiding their child in remaining open to the Eternal (their deepest wisest self) within them and all around them.

What Does a Child Dedication Offer your Family?

A child dedication can offer many of the following to your family:

  • Words for the spiritual dimension of parenting
  • Wisdom from family, godparents, friends, tradition
  • Meeting a new generation
  • Blessing and presence of community
  • Healing
  • Celebrating

Frequently Asked Questions about Child Dedications

Who comes?
Where do we hold it?
How old should the child be?
Is it religious?


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