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  • Mary Grigolia Singing Workshops
  • Mary Grigolia Singing Workshops

Singing Your Way Through

In this workshop I will present singing as a powerful spiritual practice for moving through transition, with songs and meditations to support Life’s transformations already underway.

For transitions in identity, career, family, relationship, health and well-being, caring for others, end of life, and the ever-changing relationship with God-Spirit-Life-meaning.

By singing, meditating, journaling, and sharing, we explore the inner terrain of transition and transformation. You will leave with new songs and chants to continue your exploration and with allies to share the journey.

Don’t think of yourself as a singer? Come anyway. These are songs you’ll love to sing. No need to read music.

The Power of Singing

We are repeatedly faced with impermanence – in our bodies, relationships, and roles in the world. How do we develop the spiritual capacity and resilience to grieve that which is passing away and open to that which is coming into being? How do we integrate who we’ve been with who we are becoming? Singing empowers us to feel the feelings and open. Singing together reminds us that we are part of a process evolving within us and around us; a chorus of being that needs our voice.

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