12 Days – Winter Holidays

  • Mary Grigolia 12 Days Workshop
  • Mary Grigolia 12 Days Workshop

Creating Meaningful Winter Holidays

12 Days is a contemplative practice that complements the American Winter Holiday Cycle. It is appropriate for all ages and for people of various faith traditions.

Based on Carl Jung’s 12 stages of individuation, 12 Days starts on the winter solstice and concludes on New Year’s Day. Each day has a theme from the 12 stages, posing questions for reflection. Each participant decides how to do 12 Days, so it works for him or her: journaling, painting, singing, meditating, praying, dancing, etc.

You may do 12 Days alone or with your significant other. You may do it as a family or a spiritual exploration group. You may do it with folks close by or across the globe.

The 12 Days workshop gives you everything you need to do for 12 Days.

We Need 12 Days

To be human is to live in responsive relationship with the community-of-being, evolving and growing. Holiday rituals are expressions of that relationship, with outer tasks and opportunity for inner reflection.

American culture tends to focus on outer activities – family traditions of cooking, gifting, and gathering, and community traditions of caroling and decorating home and commons. We need an inner practice to integrate and make meaning from the outer traditions, reflecting on the changing cycles around us and within us. We need 12 Days.

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