Spiritual Direction

  • Mary Grigolia Spiritual Direction
  • Mary Grigolia Spiritual Direction

Awakening to Enlightenment?

Are you yearning to deepen your relationship with God, the Spirit, or Presence? Are you ready to listen to your deepest, wisest self? In spiritual direction, you enter into a relationship with a skilled listener to open to the movement of the Spirit, your Deepest, Wisest Self.

What is Spiritual Direction?

I think of the spiritual director as a catalyst to support you in opening to your Authentic Self, the evolutionary impulse creating through you.

Spiritual direction may incorporate talking and silence, dreamwork and story telling, prayer and meditation, art and energy work.

I am available for one-to-one spiritual direction and small groups. I work face-to-face with clients in northeast Ohio and by phone (or Skype) anywhere.

Contact me for information or to set an appointment.

My Spiritual Journey

If you are considering asking me to serve as your spiritual guide, I’d like you to know where I’m coming from on my spiritual and religious journey. We don’t need to share the same background, merely an attunement to compassionate learning and growth. If you’d like to read about my spiritual journey, click here.

When to Engage a Spiritual Guide

When you yearn for intimacy with your deepest wisest self, your soul, your guides.
When you’re looking for a companion on the inner journey who has experience and is there to support you in opening to your own wisdom, not to tell you where to go, what to believe or do. 
When you feel stuck in relationship with God, Spirit, Life and are ready to move beyond stuckness.
When you’re ready for new ways to make meaning in your life.
When you’re homesick for God, Spirit, and not ready to return to the religious home of your childhood.
When you need a witness for releasing old blames and hurts in your relationship with God.
When you’re feeling spiritually dry.
When your meditation isn’t working.
When you are ready to put words to your yearnings for the divine and not comfortable doing so only with friends or family.
When you have questions about your relationship with God, Life, the One, and would like someone to talk with who won’t judge you or try to impose their answers.