Be Still and Know

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When I was eight, sitting still, waiting for school assembly to begin, marveling at sunlight playing on the skin of my arm, I heard an inner voice, “The Christ is within.” “Of course it is!” replied the Self-assurance of the child. Years later, when I heard these words from Psalm 46:10, I felt them ringing throughout my life, from unchurched young adult activist to older spiritual explorer.

 These words point us away from our culture’s mad dash for more information, noise to fill the hole in our lives. They call us to the silence within, where our hunger for meaning, for relationship with our Deepest Wisest Self may be fed.

Sing this song as an act of reverence, commitment to listen, not to tumble into the next project. Use it to calm a reactive mind. As a love song to the Deep Self.

Spirit Song Volume 2

What do you notice about the stillness?

Where does the stillness live in your body?

Who is singing?

Where are you in the song?

Where is God?