Dearest One

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What do you call God? After years pretending not to notice the Presence that is everywhere, the yearning for that most profound relationship outweighed my objections. A term of endearment emerged: “Dearest One!” – for God, Mystery, Presence, partner, family, companions in meditation.

And yet no term is big enough for the love we embody: Dearest One, Deepest One, Hidden One, everywhere! This song is a prayer and love song to [God].

Spirit Song Volume 2

Sing it alone or to your Beloved; sing it with a spiritual practice group or  congregation. Sing it with piano or guitar, or as a choral piece with harmony. 

 Who are you singing to?

Who sings these words to you?

What is it like to sing these words to your deepest, wisest self?

 Where is God / Life / Mystery in the song, as you sing?



Dearest One, Deepest One, Hidden One, everywhere! Spacious One, Flowing One, Dreaming One, Knowing One! 

Weeping One, Laughing One, Holding One, Loving One!  Quiet One, Singing One, Listening One, Healing One! 

Yearning One, Dreaming One, Shaping One, Moving One!  Waiting One, Patient One, Resting One, Being One! 

Changing One, Present One, Changeless One, Empty One!  Dearest One, Deepest One, Hidden One, Everywhere!