All My Relations, Singing!

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Mary Grigolia Memorial Services

After a near-death experience (1975) and my parents’ deaths (1979, 1982), I’ve been drawn to the threshold between life and death and to meditative states to calm the mind/body and help us let go. How do we cut through the western habit of seeing the body as a pesky object to subdue? Through the power of singing meditation!

Have you seen the beauty of red corpuscles, the complexity of white blood cells? We trace identity through blood lines. We imagine and take our place in the dance of being, singing and dancing through the blood, the skin, the breath.

When I hear this song, I imagine a circle dance with all my relations, those who came before, those with whom I explore and play, and those yet to come. I hear a strong, steady beat. I hear us singing in unison, then breaking into harmony. I feel us moving together, strong and supple, able to adapt to Love’s dream.

 What does it feel like in your body to open yourself to all your relations?

Who do you imagine singing (and dancing) with you?

What part of the body needs to be included in your singing?