A Hole in the Flute of God

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Spirit Song Volume 2My intention this year is to share Spirit Song, 2, – 28 new songs and chants from the Mystery. The first song is A Hole in the Flute of God: I am a hole in the flute of God; listen to the music! (can you hear Rumi?) I am a song on the breath of God; listen to the music! (thank you, Hildegard!)

 One of the scariest demands of the spiritual life is keeping that inner channel open, for the roaring emptiness of the Spirit, the sweet song of love and creativity, the great Silence which is all music. Emptiness, the Void, is the inner channel in every one of us. Why do we keep forgetting there is nothing to fear in its openness?

 When I hear this song, I imagine a New Orleans funeral, musicians arriving to honor the life and death of someone they knew or didn’t. Plaintiff and sad, tentative and playful, sassy and ready to let music move through. No need to rush.

What flows through you right now?