Evolutionary Enlightenment

  • Mary Grigolia Evolutionary Enlightenment Class
  • Mary Grigolia Evolutionary Enlightenment Class

Explore the Evolutionary Impulse

“The universe has collaborated to bring you here, to this moment, so that you can wake up.” (Andrew Cohen) So we can wake up together and live as catalysts for evolutionary enlightenment. The Spirit yearns to know itself and create through us.

Sessions include readings from Cohen’s Evolutionary Enlightenment, guided meditation, and reflection/sharing from our own lives.

About Andrew Cohen

Cohen is an integral thinker – along with Ken Wilber, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Brian Swimme, Richard Rohr, Jan Phillips and more. Cohen observes the evolutionary impulse toward enlightenment moving us in two directions: toward Being (the inner peace and emptiness of Buddhism) and toward Becoming (the ecstatic yearning to co-create).

Evolutionary Enlightenment Classes

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